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Articles involving PhotoScan processing, results, etc.


authors article link
Martin Roe 3D Modelling with AgiSoft PhotoScan. Tests to determine the suitability of AgiSoft PhotoScan for archaeological recording. link
G. Verhoeven Taking computer vision aloft - Archaeological three-dimensional reconstructions from aerial photographs with PhotoScan link
M. Doneus, G. Verhoeven, M. Fera, Ch. Briese, M. Kucera, W. Neubauer From deposit to point cloud – A study of low-cost computer vision approaches for the straightforward documentation of archaeological excavations link
F. Neitzel, J. Klonowski Mobile 3D Mapping with a Low-cost UAV System link
H. de Melo e Silva, C. Brooks 3D Optical Bridge-Evaluation System (3DOBS) link1
G. Verhoeven, D. Taelman, F. Vermeulen Computer vision-based orthophoto mapping of complex archaeological sites: the ancient quarry of Pitaranha (Portugal–Spain) link
H. de Melo e Silva, C. Brooks, R Dobson, J. Ebling, D. Evans, B. Hart, R. Oats, C. Roussi, K. Vaghefi 3D-Photogrammetry link
Rachel Opitz, Jessica Nowlin Photogrammetric Modeling + GIS. Better methods for working with mesh data link
Agostina Appetecchia, Olof Brandt, Hanna Menander, Håkan Thorén New methods for documentation and analysis in building archaeology -prestudy link
Erik Kjellman From 2D to 3D : a photogrammetric revolution in archaeology? link
Jochen Reinhard Things on strings and complex computer algorithms. Kite Aerial Photography and Structure from Motion Photogrammetryat the Tulul adh-Dhahab, Jordan. link
Plets G., Gheyle W., Verhoeven G., De Reu J., Bourgeois J., Verhegge J., Stichelbaut B. Three-dimensional recording of archaeological remains in the Altai Mountains link
Verhoeven G.J., Doneus M., Briese C., Vermeulen F. Mapping by matching: a computer vision-based approach to fast and accurate

georeferencing of archaeological aerial photographs

Montri Thanaphatarapornchai Close-Range Photogrammetry for 3D Archaeological Documentation: Digital Human Remains link
Guénolé Palud Digitization and safeguarding of heritage with Agisoft PhotoScan link
P. Barry, R. Coakley Field Accuracy Test of RPAS Photogrammetry link
Rossana Gini, Diana Pagliari, Daniele Passoni, Livio Pinto, Giovanna Sona, Paolo Dosso UAV Photogrammetry: Block Triangulation Comparisons link
M.O. Zhukovsky, V.D. Kuznetsov, S.V. Olkhovsky Photogrammetric Techniques for 3-D Underwater Record of the Antique Time Ship from Phanagoria link
S. Solbøa, R. Storvolda Mapping Svalbard Glaciers with the Cryowing UAS link
S. Gonizzi Barsanti, F. Remondino, D. Visintini 3D Surveying and Modeling of Archaeological Sites - Some Critical Issues link
The Irish Archaeology Field School The application of digital technologies link
Maurizio Forte 3D Archaeology. New Perspectives and Challenges - The Example of Çatalhöyük link
Filippo Diara New software and technologies applied to documentation and

communication of Cultural Heritage

Maria Doriana De Padova Integrating established methods and emerging technologies in a Medieval context link
Jesse Casana, John Kantner, Adam Wiewel, Jackson Cothren Archaeological aerial thermography: a case study at the Chaco-era Blue J community, New Mexico link
Fabio Remondino, Maria Grazia Spera, Erica Nocerino, Fabio Menna and Francesco Nex State of the art in high density image matching link
Colleen Haukaas New Opportunities in Digital Archaeology: The Use of Low-Cost Photogrammetry for 3D Documentation of Archaeological Objects from Banks Island, NWT link
Sarah C. Davis, Ray Ming, David S. LeBauer and Stephen P. Long Toward systems-level analysis of agricultural production from crassulacean acid metabolism(CAM): scaling from cell to commercial production link
Keegan Dougherty (EarthWatch institute) An Eruption of Citizen Science in Nicaragua link
Nolwenn Chauché Frugal survey - 3D underwater survey with a hand held camera link
Patrick Wirt Capturing the Canadian Rockies in 3D link
Natasha Sheldon Preserving Palmyra: Ancient City In Danger From ISIS link
Peter Fried, David Brown, Drew Harvell Archival 3D-Imagery of Challenging Subjects link
Andrew Hamilton, Ken Brown (DICE) Photogrammetry and Star Wars Battlefront (presentation) link

Other languages

authors article link
КБ Панорама Создание топокарт и планов по данным БПЛА на базе PhotoScan link
Д.П. Иноземцев Модель обработки аэрофотоснимков в среде Agisoft PhotoScan link
Dante Abate La Modellazione di una Lapide Sepolcrale Attraverso Techniche Low-Cost Range ed Image Based link Clara – Beatrice Vîlceanu APLICAȚII PRACTICE ÎN FOTOGRAMMETRIA DIGITALĂ link
A. Riquelme Guill, M. Cano González, R. Tomás Jover, L. Jordá Bordehore, J.C. Santamarta Cerezal Petrología 3D link
Angelo Pio Rossi Mapping planetary analogue terrains (for astronauts and the rest of us) link


authors tutorial link
Katia Trovenzi Calibrazione camera con Agisoft Lens (Video Tutorial in Italian) link
Mark Florquin Agisoft PhotoScan - 3D photo reconstruction link
Mark Florquin How to: Full Body scanning link
Geospatial Modeling & Visualization PhotoScan - Basic Processing for Photogrammetry link
Geospatial Modeling & Visualization PhotoScan - Building Geometry and Texture for Photogrammetry link
Geospatial Modeling & Visualization Masking in PhotoScan link
Geospatial Modeling & Visualization PhotoScan to ArcGIS link
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Introduction to Photogrammetry link
Karsten Kiessling Getting started with Agisoft PhotoScan link
Lee Perry-Smith (Infinite Realities) Delivering Aligned and Scaled PhotoScan Outputs link
Nicolas Brunet Get displacement, normal and diffuse maps from an Agisoft Photoscan model (Video Tutorial) link
Warren Schultz Getting Started with Photogrammetry: Photoscan link
Paul Bourke Workflow for reconstruction using PhotoScan: A beginners guide link
Martin Herkommer Imageprocessing with PixelWrench2, Agisoft and QGIS to monitor black grass patches within wheat fields link
Daniel Tejerina Antón Workshop de Fotogrametría Digital (in Spanish) link
xoio-air 3d-people scanning – a brief introduction link
artanim Building your own 3D scanner out of off-the-shelf parts link
James Orienting and scaling your model using coded targets and scale bars link
Kevin Wengler Methods And Results Using Agisoft’s Photoscan For Exterior 3D Building Reconstruction link
James Dietrich Agisoft Photoscan Crash Course (v. 1.0.2) link
Brandon Blizard The Art of Photogrammetry: Replicating Hellboy’s Samaritan Pistol! link
Adam Barnes, Katie Simon, Adam Wiewel From Photos to Models - Strategies for using digital photogrammetry in your project link
Jeffrey Ian Wilson Single Camera Head Scanning with Agisoft PhotoScan link
Victor Naumik 3D Сканирование на практике (in Russian) link
Ivan Arsic Agisoft Photoscan - Workflow link
Andrew Bevan 3D Models of Artefacts via Structure-­‐from-­‐Motion (PhotoScan), MicroPasts Technical Note 3a (2014) link
Gleb Alexandrov How to Create Your Own Silent Hill in Blender and Photoscan link
Jonathan Sileoni Structure from motion_ photoscan + GOPRO correction lens (in Italian) link
ClassyDogFilms PhotoScan Guides and Tests link
TGA Digital Generate a 3D model from photos using Agisoft PhotoScan link
Guilherme Rambelli (пер. AlexJP, «Перевод всем») Фотограмметрия с использованием Agisoft PhotoScan link
Alex Alvarez, Gnomon Creating Natural 3D Environments link
Stuart Hogton Focus Stacked Reverse Lens Macro Photogrammetry link


author/resource article link
Lee Perry-Smith Why!? Why Upgrade to AgiSoft PRO Edition? link
1k0 3D scanner... With a camera! link
Varia Image based scanning for buildings recording. Experiments in three scales. link
Bill Caraher What’s Next in Archaeology? link
Aurore Mathys, Serge Lemaitre, Jonathan Brecko & Patrick Semal Agora 3D: evaluating 3D imaging technology for the research, conservation and display of museum collections link
Heinrich Mallison Sauropod photogrammetry – oh WOW! link
Bill Blake ArchDoc 2013: dawn of the new photogrammetric age link
Fernando Contreras In 2014, Practice Photogrammetry and 3D Edition Software Applied in Archaeology link
Maps and GIS Agisoft PhotoScan Pro 3D modeling Software Review link
Brandon Blizard @ The Art of Photogrammetry: Introduction to Software and Hardware link
James Miles @ Archaeovision Upgrade of Agisoft Photoscan link
James Candy 3D Scans of the Real World link
Oregon State University An attempt at resolving stream bed topography from photography link
Shane Taylor 3D Prints From 2D Photos Of A Moving Subject link
TeamFlare Scanning the Blackwald Forest, Part 1 link
Peter Schofield Octacopter UAV survey at Blelham Tarn bloomery, Windermere link
Phil Taylor Up Close and Personal: 3D Printing Brings Ancient Egypt to Life link
H.M. Arnold DJI A2 Based Photogrammetry Results link
Matej Antos Which is the best 3D mapping software for aerial survey and georeferencing? link
Cargo Cult Photogrammetry in VR link
Puget Systems Recommended Systems for Agisoft PhotoScan link
Matt Bach @ Puget Systems Agisoft PhotoScan Multi Core Performance link
Matt Bach @ Puget Systems Agisoft PhotoScan GPU Acceleration link